Soil blend science has proved that adding coconut coir to the mix improves aerablity, drainage and moisture retention. Join the sustainable eco-friendly movement to coconut coir substrate products!

Hydrophonics, Aquaponics, Greenhouse retailers, Farmers/Growers/Ranchers, Permaculture, Floriculture, and anyone interested in gardening can take advantage of coir products due to the following qualities

* 100% bio degradable    * Moisture Control with water retention    * Controls weeds    * Provides aeration    * Antifungal against root disease

“We are Woman owned and proud member of LocalFirst Arizona business”


Why Ponvel Products


We test our products in our own green house to make sure that they are perfect for the roots to flourish.


We process the raw coconut husks collected from graded coconut plantations around the area, to extract coir fiber and the spongy material that binds the coconut fiber in the husk, the coir / coco pith cocopeat, the main constituent for Coco / Coir Growing Medium.


Product size and shape can be customized based on your need.

Ponvel’ Products

Let your plants taste the unique flavor of coco.

We come from generations of farmers who believed in organic farming. From a young age, we worked on our family farms. We were taught to work hard and take care of mother nature. Although we started our careers as engineers, our heart is always in agriculture. We wanted to go back to our roots by doing Agribusiness.

Let’s Customize Your Gardening Needs


How to Use Coco Peat In Garden

  • Coco peat can be directly incorporated into the garden soil to improve water retention and aeration, and it decreases the risk of soil fungus and root diseases. Mix in the soil in a 25/75 ratio of the cocopeat/soil.
  • It can also be used as mulch around garden plants to help the soil retain moisture and prevent weed growth.

How to Use Coco Peat in Pots

  • Coco peat can be used as a soil-less growing medium for potted plants or in aqua-culture growing environments. Add the reconstituted bricks to the planters, leaving 1 inch of space below the planter rim. Plant a seed or seedling in the center. Fertilizer and soil will need to be added to sustain a plant long-term when it’s planted in coco peat.
  • To use cocopeat in pots, add 1/4 part of coco peat in the potting mix.
  • Container gardens dry out faster, so apply a 1-inch layer of coco peat over the container soil to help the soil retain moisture.
  • Coco peat can also be the sole growing medium for starting seeds. Once the shoots start to form you can transplant seedlings into the pots.

Coco peat discs are manufactured from good quality coconut husks while eliminating fine sand particles to suit the requirements of nursery gardeners. Additionally, these disks do not require any fertilizers and can make any plant grow to bear flowers or seeds to germinate. The coco peat discs are available in different sizes ranging from 20mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, and 100mm.

Coir is compressed into discs, which makes for easy and convenient storage. Add water and soak your disk for at least 10-15 mins before using it to expand to 400gms powder.

A fully hydrated disc can hold eight to ten times its volume in water. The final volume of the expanded coir depends on the amount of water used to constitute it.

High-grade coconut coir with low EC and pH levels is washed multiple times to reduce the risk of salt buildup in your soil.

Grow Bag

If you’re a gardener with limited space, grow in a greenhouse, or use a hydroponic system, you’re likely familiar with grow bags. Whether you make your own or purchase a grow bag prefilled with a blend of fertilized soil, grow bags offer numerous advantages that you won’t get with traditional pots.

Coco coir grow bags provide excellent aeration and irrigation facilities for the growth of plants. Featuring a special blend of coco chips and coir pith, these Coco Coir grow bags provide an excellent air-to-water ratio for hydroponics. The plant holes, drip holes, and drainage holes can be predetermined and customized to suit the needs of farmers.

In the Coco coir grow bags, the plants can be directly planted and grown. Holes on the upper surface of the grow bags accommodate the planted crops. Drainage holes may be provided for excessive irrigation. They are offered in varying thicknesses, sizes, and weights depending on the client’s preferences.



Ponvel Coco
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Josanne van der WilkJosanne van der Wilk
16:22 24 Apr 24
Ponvel coco coir is amazing!!The cube expanded into a large amountOf medium when hydrated, and it smelled and felt great. It was obvious that the coco was processed with care, and i found it to be clean and natural.I was able to stretch the coco over 3 separate microgreens harvest, and the crop was beautiful.
Dillion KennedyDillion Kennedy
12:50 11 Apr 24
Excellent growing medium. Good quality coco-coir, at a great price!
Sophia LovaszSophia Lovasz
23:17 26 Oct 23
Absolutely love your products and how sustainable they are.
Taza Bistro & CateringTaza Bistro & Catering
22:44 24 Oct 23
Ponvel has been great to work with. She is very responsive. We have used the special soil and we are hooked! We have multiple raised beds with plants and herbs and the soil has kept them alive and growing because it’s full of nutrients.
deepika Mdeepika M
02:08 21 Oct 23
Wonderful owners and a great product. Just a single block produced so much of coco coir that was enough to fill a 10*3 size garden bed , mixed with garden soil. And we now have healthy plants growing well in this garden bed. Looking to get more soon for our other garden beds.
kash the creatorkash the creator
18:41 28 Aug 23
LOVE the products and the service! Saw a HUGE change in my microgreen growth when I use their products. The service is always so bright, loving, FAST and communicative. Highly suggest to try it out!

Product samples available for review. Please call or email us.